The Plant Based Diet
Done-For-You Content Pack

plant based diet pack


Professionally written content to spread plant based love!

Plant Based Content Pack is a visually delectable way to show the world the power of plants when it comes to health and wellbeing. Use this gorgeously designed pack of ready-made visual content to build your social media following and gain more subscribers.


The content in this pack is so vibrantly healthy they’ll stand out in social media news feeds… and give them great tips and advice on adopting a more Plant Based Lifestyle.


THE BEST PART? You don't have to design a thing! It's all done for you!


Inside the Plant Based Diet Content Pack:

'Fuel Your Body & Improve Your Health Through a Plant Based Diet'
White Label EBOOK

10 Page ebook professionally designed and completely customisable with 4 cover images to choose from. Includes 3D Mockups and ebook designed in powerpoint so all you need to do is put your name on it and save as a PDF. Seriously Simple Stuff!

Plant Based Blog Post Articles

10 professionally written blog post articles to engage your readers and followers and to teach them the importance of a plant based diet. Topics include: Best foods to eat on a plant based diet, Workout routines for plant based diets, Importance on health, Benefits of going meatless once a week and more.

Plant Based Social Media Images

22 professionally designed social media image quotes to promote healthy eating with a plant based diet. All you need to do is add your business name or logo and schedule out and watch your social media engagement grow!

Healthy Plant Based Recipes

12 beautifully healthy and delicious plant based recipes that you can use as blog posts, newsletter content, social media content or to simply add to your client recipe handouts. Includes pasta, soups, smoothies, juices and more!

Plant Based Social Media Swipe Files

16 professionally written and designed social media posts. Included is 1-2 paragraphs of text for each post and a matching image to build awareness on the benefits of a plant based diet. The posts are perfect for business pages or private groups.

Video Content to share on Social Media

2 professionally created videos using the social media content to spread the message on adopting a more plant based diet. The videos are 55 seconds each in length and are perfect for engaging your audience using the power of video! (PRESS PLAY!)

The Plant Based Diet
Done-For-You Content Pack